Training Aircraft
FTA operates a total fleet of 42 aircraft across 5 types. All the aircraft of a type have identical avionics, navigation and radio equipment. Additionally, a number of synthetic training devices are used to support our flying programs.

Grob G115A

Basic flying training is carried out in the German built Grob G115 aircraft of which FTA has 9 of these aircraft.

Scoata TB10 Tobago

As the cadet progresses through their training, he/she will move onto the Socata TB10 Tobago. The cadet will also be introduced to instrument flying in this aircraft.  FTA has a fleet of 19 TB10s

Mudry CAP 10

Should an airline have a requirenment for Upset Training, FTA will deliver this training using a Mudry CAP 10 aircraft.

Beechcraft BE76 Duchess

Multi engine and Command Instrument Training are delivered using one of the 6 Beechcraft  BE76 aircraft or one of the 7 Diamond DA 42 aircraft.

Diamond DA42 Twin Star

FTA’s DA42s are equipped with Garmin 1000 glass cockpit suites.  FTA has 7 DA 42s in the fleet.